Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bilao at Palayok

This is our last stop for our City Tour. We had lunch at Bilao at Palayok. This place is famous for their Boodle Meals! Im both excited and hungry at the same time. Lets get inside!

Open air restaurants is really one of my thang ya know. Its refreshing.. cold, natural, unpolluted breeze greets you as you eat your lunch. The place is very refreshing., very homey and very cozy. And the smell of the food., its awesome... drooling actually..

They also have this pond which is filled with kois. Very relaxing to see...

Enough with the pictures! Lets eat Boodle style! It has the freshest crabs, the freshest squid..some liempo., some fish and i think theres even Laing! Plus we also had some sinigang sa palayok. Damn its food over load! I was so hungry that I ate with my hands and its real good. I really enjoyed eating that one. Every snap of the crabs is music to my ears... hope my lunch is like this one everyday...

After that bellyfull of a lunch... its time to go home. We have to beat the clock going to the airport and hopefully we dont miss our flight. Good thing we arrived early and wer just right on time! Infact were 30 mins early i think.... That wraps our Puerto Princesa tour. I really enjoyed that trip. I think i gained 5 pounds or something! haha. It was all good. It was an experience i'l never forget. Thanks to my dearest Abby for being my travel you beb! Im so sorry if im pasaway minsan.. hehe well most of the time. Thank you for being patient with me. If given another chance., id definitely go back. Ived been to Coron, then Puerto Princesa... whats next? hehe. Lets see!

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