Thursday, October 8, 2015

Toki Japanese Restaurant


Toki Japanese Restaurant over at BGC is for me one of those fine dining restaurants that has a high level of standards that one would definitely enjoy. I had the privilege to take some photos of their dishes and try their food as well. Their sushi is really delicious. 

I also love their sukiyaki. The beef is so soft and tender. They used the freshest vegetables. The mushrooms are really delicious. I also loved the tofu. I never tasted tofu like that before. It's really something. 

Had enough of these and I was really enjoying eating it. The soup is bursting with flavor! It was great timing coz it was raining that time and every sip is just perfect. I must say again, the tofu is really something. This whole sukiyaki dish is absolutely delicious. 

Time for dessert and I had this one. It has mixed fruits, a panacota and some ice cream (I forgot the name on the top left though, sorry). It's quite enough for dessert. Panacota is really good. 

Lovely interior as well! This is one of the big rooms in the restaurant. There also smaller rooms with a grill inside for your grilling needs. There are also tables all over for those who dont want to squat. The place is really zen like. The interior is exquisite. No wonder celebrities and politicians love to dine here. It's quiet. Ambiance is top notch. And the food is really good. 

Visit Toki Japanese Restaurant at the corner of 32nd and 5th over at Bonifacio Global City. Im sure you will have a great time. 

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