Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laiya, Batangas

This is Punto Miguel Beach in Laiya Batangas. About 3 hours away from Manila. This stretch of beaches in San Miguel Batangas is popular with a lot of tourists. Many people visit the place for company outings, family gatherings and for some they just wanna burn gas off their jetskis. For me, i went here for a break and to celebrate my birthday.

The beach seems ok. Although a little crowded but still manageable. Jetskis and banana boats are the popular ones here in Laiya. Also try snorkling and Island hopping.. The coral reefs are very beautiful. Love those fishes biting onto your feet. Sadly, i dont have those waterproof cameras to go play with. Hope someday id own a Canon D10 for those underwater shots.

Love this shot of the cottages on the beach front. I forgot to bring my step-up adapter ring that connects my CPL filter to my lens. I love the combination of the CPL and the GND filter. It gives me great detail and color. Unfortunately i dont have those during my trip. Oon this shot.,i just used Vivid on the settings... They usually call me Mr Vivid. I just love using it on my photos.

Boats and other stuff that brings color and makes my fingers itchy.Without knowing., my fingers are already clicking on the shutter. I love this shot of the boats. I love the orange color and the clouds are like cotton candy. Photos can be deceiving. You thought this beach is that good? You got to see it for yourself.

This is my favorite shot. Took this one without a tripod. Handheld on Bulb mode at ISO200, f/4 I used a GND filter for this one. There were people behind me who asked me what am I holding. i told them about the filter and what it does. When they saw the photo on the LCD., they were amazed and even asked me if im a pro. I told them im not.. its just a hobby. Well., if ur paid with cheeseburgers., are u considered a pro? :) hehe. Well i guess.


  1. you always get a magnificent shots..
    keep it up!!

  2. Thanks a lot! Appreciate it, :)

  3. what's the fall down of this beach? just curious

    1. i guess, people are more into white sand beaches right now.. i mean they dont mind if they shell out more cash... and.. there are some beaches close by that seems to be better.... just my 2 cents :)


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