Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red Velvet Cake from Blueberry & Company

Luscious Red Velvet.. satisfaction all over..
 This is my first shoot of the week. Ived been dead sick yesterday and now products are starting to pile up one by one. Technically this is my 2nd product to shoot. This red velvet cake is awesome and by the looks at it.. its really delicious. 

Every crumb is worth it. 
 Red Velvet, from its name., i has this class.. to some it kinda sounds expensive. Usually its a "sosyal" kinda cake just for its name. Maybe probably people who are at the VIP's are behind red velvet ropes... and some shoes made in velvet  are expensive as well. It is delicious to its name alone.

Great tasting plus great presentation is a win win combination
Anne helped me with the shoot. She's the one sliced the cake and raised it up to give it an enticing look. It is also important to make the red filling stand out. Good thing thing anne helped me with this one. She usually has great ideas in styling food... She worked with Mark Floro, a well known food photographer who is a master with his craft. 

my simple one light set-up for this shoot. 
I used a one-light setup for this shoot. I just bounced my  SB-600 onto the reflector. This is my favorite set-up so far because its really simple yet very effective. 

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