Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's in El Nido Palawan !

Oh my... its been a while since i visited my blog. It's been what.., 5 months after my last blog post. Anyway, I suddenly reminisced my last Palawan adventure and it came to me that I haven't written a blog about it yet. So I decided to do this and yeah, i kinda miss writing stuff.  So here it is! My top choice for all the Palawan trips that I had. Welcome to El Nido. 
By far, El Nido is my favorite. I really love the beaches that we went to. It's so damn many I forgot all of their names! You might think this blogpost is one heck of a crappy one...probably yes.. I think I'm gonna agree with you! Haha. So anyway. I went with my beach thirsty adventure seeking  friends and I thank them enough they planned this trip all so well. This was my first time in El Nido and it was a blast!

 They found the trip through AirBnb and it was my first time to hear about it. It's one good deal because the trip covers almost everything! From airport pickups, to boat rides, accommodations and food! We went to this place called Talikwas Ecolodge and its located in Talikwas Beach. One of the Islands in El Nido.  

The place is absolutely majestic! It has one hell of a view! It's actually a cliff side and they made a house on the side of it. They do outdoor yoga sessions on that platform over there and it really connects you with nature! If you're a yoga fanatic, this place is well worth it!

You can just imagine the fresh air massaging your face as you kill time standing at the veranda. We had booze session here but we decided to go inside though because of the freakin' mosquitoes  (a mosquito repellent is a must out here) and flying bats! (bats scare the shit out of me..)

You kinda have to stretch your legs a little coz you have to walk up the stairs going inside the house. It's all good though... A little exercise is always a plus.  Every great thing starts with the first step...and this is how it looks like :) 

Life here is fairly simple. People usually earn from fishing and tourism. The place doesn't have electricity but they have a little ingenuity by producing power by solar energy! Yes, they are that  high tech. And car batteries are provided so you can charge your phones.    

 Ok enough with the yapping. It's time to go island hopping! It's amazing that the house we're staying, they have their own boat! So they toured us around the islands. It's so beautiful! Ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas! Ang ganda talaga ng Palawan! Thank God for the weather because everything was clear back then. 

The waters are calm...and crystal. You can see the corals from the boat. Kinda scary holding a camera while shooting this. I just made sure the camera is glued to my hand and not get clumsy. I so wanna jump into the water from here!  

The view is just amazing. Away from traffic jams. Away from the hustle and bustles of the city. Away from the dreaded MRT...  Everybody needs  a break and what a way to spend quality time in a place like this... When I was there i imagined my eyes as a camera, capturing every detail, every moment...storing data inside my SD brain. I love it. I really love it...

At long last, we arrived at the beach and we're all crazy to hit the water and lounge at the sand! Of crs, we had to make the obligatory  jumpshot! It's amazing we only had this one with one take! I think the boat driver is one heck of a photographer!  

 What a weekend indeed. This is what living should be. To be alive! You don't have to think about anything. No past. No future. What's important is the moment. I just lay there and grabbed a bottle of JD and just had a gulp. I had this set on timer.. hehe. 

This is one of my favorite photos! The sun is so high and it turned the waters really blue! That moment was really heavy and intense! How I wish I can go back... The Philippines has a lot to offer. No wonder why we have a lot of tourists in our country. We really need to extend our efforts to preserve these natural resources.  For our kids.. and for the future generations! Many thanks to Mommy Rose and all her staff from Talikwas Ecoldoge. You're all too nice! Thanks you so much for the warm hospitality. If ever we go back, expect us again! :) 

 Where is this place again? It's in El Nido Palawan

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