Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Images from Coron

Simply Amazing! Two words that best describes the wonderful islands of Coron in Palawan. Its my first time to visit this " mala-paradise" part of our country. It boasts its crystal blue waters, powdery white sands and very rich marine life. I really had a great time swimming and feeding the fishes upclose ! Its quite an experience! Thanks to the BBF's for this very well organized trip.

This is Mang Jonathan's boat on silhouette. We took a dip at one of the islands that we visited. Its almost late and as for me addicted to silhouettes, cant help myself take this photo.

Of course theres no way im goin to leave the beach without my long exposure shots at the rocks. By doing so, it gave me this cotton-candy effect that gave some eeriness to the photo and its quite beautiful to see.

This is Kayangan Lake. The view here is really spectacular! The water is really nice and warm. What a great place to swim. Theres a little level of difficulty to reach this place coz you have to trek a little to go here. But its all worth it!

This is also a photo from Kayangan Lake. Love how clear the water is. Stunning rock formations and those fishes that live beside the rocks., never seen like one ever.

This is a sight of great relief after a whole day island hopping. Sunset is amazing. The sky is like filled with gold! Although the boat is very unstable, i still managed to take a photo of the golden hour...

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