Sunday, October 7, 2012

Noah Korean and Japanese Restaurant

Heritage Hotel is one of the premiere hotels along Roxas Boulevard. Their Casino is one of the best in the country. In fact, my aunt won a huge amount of money the last time she went there. Recently they opened a Japanese / Korean restaurant inside the hotel. Welcome to Noah, one of the best Japanese and Korean restaurant this side of Manila. 

Noah launched a deal at Ensogo for their Bento meals. I was fortunate to photograph each and everyone of them. Photo on top is their Salmon Bento. Unfortunately i didnt had the chance to taste this one.. but it definitely looks delicious!  

tempura bento meal
Now this one is a treat! I just cant resist the good smell of the tempura. Its just my personal favorite. After I took this photo i just said to the manager of the restaurant if its ok to have a break and start to eat this one. He smiled and immediately asked someone to get me a plate and some Iced Tea. This one is so delicious. For only 350 pesos (deal price), your taste buds will definitely thank you.

tongkatsu bento meal
The Tongkatsu Bento looks delicious as well! Its soft and tender and it tastes real good. I also love that pork (looks like humba) sitting in the middle.  I didnt had the chance to ask what it is but it looks really good and tasty. 

Noah's awesome interior design
I really like the interior of Noah. Its spacious. The furniture looks expensive. Lighting is great. Its a great place to dine. Definitely world class! So if you want to have a great dining experience at one of the premiere hotels in Manila, come visit Noah. Im sure you will have a great time. Visit and avail this wonderful deal!


  1. Thank you Mac for this wonderful blog about NOAH. We from NOAH really enjoyed your company during that photoshoot. Great Photos ! But my staff will highly appreciate if you could also include here some photoshoots with us, hahah! Just kidding. Anyway hope to see you dine & eat at NOAH together with your friends & family ( especially your "LUCKY AUNT" ) someday. Experience REAL Korean & Japanese dishes only at NOAH ASIAN DINER. Thanks a lot Mac.

  2. haha., sure., pls send me ur email and i will email your photos with your staff :)

    salamat din po! i really enjoyed my stay there. in behalf of the production team of ensogo, thank you din daw sa food!


  4. hi mac, hope your ok & not busy. same inquiry here, hope you can send the pictures with my staff. tnks & goodluck.


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