Saturday, October 6, 2012

Maya's Delicious BBQs!

Yeah boy! Another food adventure and this time I went to Pioneer Street in Pasig to visit one of the baddest barbecues in town. Welcome to Maya's Delicious Barbecues. Photo on top is my favorite of em all, the isaw manok. It is made of Chicken Intestines. Properly cleaned then marinated overnight with Maya's Secret marinade sauce. This one is really delicious! I posted this photo on my facebook and everybody loved it! Friends and family abroad mouth-watered with this delicious filipino delicacy. My sister in California said she missed this! Another friend of mine said to send some through cargo.. i dunno if hes crazy or something. They just missed this so much. 

 Of course, Maya serves delicious barbecues. Again, marinated overnight in order for the juice to absorb within the pork. The meat is so tender and soft! Its so addicting actually. One stick aint enough and surely you will ruin your diet coz you will definitely eat a lot of rice with these super delicious bbqs... 

"Bilog" or "Isaw Baboy"
 Now this one over here is called the "Isaw Bilog" or Pig Intestines. This is also one of my favorites. When cleaned and cooked properly, this Filipino delicacy is a sure fire hit amongst many Filipinos. Dip it  in with vinegar, with lots of onions, garlic and pepper for that added extra hotness and kick. I love it. Writing this makes me really hungry!

Try also their "Tenga" or pork ears, and some are made from pig cheeks. This one is also delicious. Again pre-marinated to goodness! The juice, the softness of the meat, arghhh., its simply delicious! Love it so much. Just remember, these BBQ's are high in fat and uric acid so eat in moderation ok! hehe. 

So there ya go. Visit Maya BBQs im sure you will love their BBQs, Chicken BBQs, isaw manok, isaw baboy, tenga and a whole lot more. For inquiries and reservations, please call Pioneer Center Branch: 5336944, 6641468 or Shaw Boulevard Branch: 5336944, 6641468. Ensogo is running a deal at Ensogo and for more information, visit this link for this one awesome deal! 

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