Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dimsum and Dumplings

Time for some dimsum baby! Oh yeah. I so love dimsum. I had another photoshoot at Dimsum and Dumplings. They will be running a deal soon at Ensogo.  These dumplings are are quite special, and healthy because they are organic. Made entirely of vegetables! They taste really good. 

Their seafood macaroni is one of the best out their! If you love tahong, shrimps and fish onto your macaroni then topped with cheese.., this meal is for you.

 Their crispy noodles is also delicious!!! i so love shrimps.

 Their pesto is also a must-try. Len, my co-worker actually had this one to go! 

Their chicken with baked potatoes are also a winner! 

Watch out for Dimsum and Dumpling's deal at Ensogo! If you love delicious food and its easy on budget, try Dimsum and Dumpling's a shot and im sure you will be satisfied! 

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