Thursday, November 8, 2012

Foodcamp Burgers and Sandwiches

I am definitely a Burger addict! I ordered Jollibee's Champ for lunch and im still craving for some hamburgers. Good thing we had another photoshoot at one of the best Burger joints along katipunan. Where is this joint? Its no other than Foodcamp Burgers and Sandwiches! 

Their burgers are so good! The photo on top is their Alpha burger which is a 1/3 pound Australian beef pattie. It looks so delicious. Theres a story with this photo. Upon entering the restaurant, you can actually see the grill just beside the door. It was just separated by a huge glass. I said to myself, it would be really great to take a photo of the pattie while grilling it using natural light!

double 1/3 pound pattie burger with potato wedges and iced tea 

You got to try this double pattie with cheese along with these potato wedges.  Its really delicious. Their iced tea is really something as well. This burger is so large, eating it is quite hard. We have to cut it in 4 to make it easy..

Look at that monster! The double pattie.. the oozing cheese... that fresh lettuce. Instant gratification to the Nth Level! 

This another angle of the Alpha burger. Its basically a huge cheese burger. 1/3 pound Australian Beef, cheese, tomatoes, some onions and lettuce. 

Fresh lettuce on top. Spell delicious! Looking at it makes me hungry already. 

nachos galore
Their Nachos are really delicious as well! Grabe the beef is so good. This is just perfect with an ice cold beer. The nacho chips are really crunchy! I just cant stop grabbing one. This is a must buy at foodcamp. Im sure you will love it. 

mitch and pam
This food adventure would never be complete without the company of these two beautiful ladies. Thanks Mitch and Pam for introducing me to foodcamp. I really enjoyed this. Im somehow excited for this deal. I hope this deal would sell a lot of vouchers. And i do believe it will because their burgers are so delicious... Watch out for this deal at It will probably be launched tomorrow. 

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