Thursday, November 8, 2012

Queen Winnie Desserts

Isn't it nice to have something nutritious and delicious after that hearty meal? That taste of fresh fruits mixed with imported ingredients that is free from preservatives and artificial flavors will surely add an exclamation after a satisfying meal. Theres this small restaurant at The Block, in SM North EDSA who caters delightful and guilt free dishes in a very reasonable price. Where is this place?  Welcome to Queen Weenie Desserts! 

I was honored to take photos of their best sellers. They will run a deal at real soon. Photo on top is the Mango Combo. Adorned with balls of watermelon, green and yellow papaya, kiwis, mango ice cream and this thing called Magic Pop which is imported straight from Hong Kong. It looks like our local sago. Once chewed, it bursts inside your mouth then the juice explodes right onto your palette. Its so wickedly delicious. For only 159 pesos, this healthy and refreshing dessert will surely raise your eyebrows to goodness!  

Queen Oreo Pudding
Then there was the Queen Oreo pudding. Looks spectacular and very delicious. The cream in between the oreo crumbs is just perfect. Its not too sweet nor not too bland. Its just perfect. The oreo and cream blends in harmony. Its so good. I loved eating it.  The Oreo Pudding costs only 55 pesos. Not bad!
Macau Pudding

I also tried their Macau Pudding (sold at 55 pesos) and its really delicious as well. Made from Imported Cookie crumbs from Macau filled with delicious cream. This is to die for. Very delicious...

Fresh Mango Pancake
Their fresh mango pancakes are really delicious as well! I dont get it why they call it pancakes. Its like a special kind of cream wrapped  with this soft dough then filled with a cube of fresh mango inside. This one is really delicious. I loved it so much. This one is sold for only 118 pesos for 4 pieces. 

Assorted mochis 
Now you got to try their mochi! Available in different flavors! Theres the Fresh Mango Mix Sesame and Peanut Butter, Green Tea Red Bean and the Cream Custard. You can get this one for only 68 pesos for 3 pcs.

Japan Green Tea Panna Cota
I didnt had the chance to taste their Panna Cotas. Im sure they'r delicious. They are  available in different flavors. Photo above is the Japan Green Tea Panna Cota. Other flavors like Itallian Milk Pana Cota, and Blueberry Panna Cota.  

Queen Weenie's Interior
I really enjoyed my stay there. Ms Wininie herself is very hospitable. She resides in Hong Kong and we shared a lot of stories about her beloved country. I had my fair share of stories to talk about and the conversation is very interesting. I really like the place. Its cozy even if its small. 

Watch out for Queen Winnie Desserts at Their deal will soon launch this midnight. Please log on to the website for more details. Again, i want to thank Ms Winnie and her 2 staffs for accommodating me. They have been really nice. 

Queen Winnie is located at the 4th floor of The Block in SM North EDSA. See you again to my next food adventure!  

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