Tuesday, November 24, 2009

QCAA Volleyball

QCAA Volleyball Games
November 21 and 22 2009

These kids are really amazing. They are the future! Im not really into volleyball but watching these guys and girls play gave me a lot of interest on the sport. The last picture is a shot of Number 13 spiker Calicdan from Claret Highschool. You got to see him jump! He has this wicked spike that blows faces away. The games happen at Tivoli Royalle Gym at QC. To see more pictures., visit http://qcaa.multiply.com

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flesh, Dark Clouds and Basketballs

Sir Nathaniel Salang's Nude Photography Class Batch 1

Sir Nathaniel's Yashica TLR

Saturday. What a weekend! Just had my first nude photoshoot under Sir Thaniel Salang at UP Diliman. I never felt nervous shooting with the camera. But as time goes by., it felt natural. We were 15 photographers out there. Kudos to sir thaniel for directing the "traffic". Thanks also to our fellow photographer Glenn for directing the lights of our photo shoot. Galing! Our model was very professional and very easy to work with. Hope to take her photos again someday.

After the photoshoot, I still have time to go to the QCAA games. Its been one of my great passions shooting ballgames specially the QCAA coz i love these kids perform. They give all their heart playing the games. In this shot, St. Claire and Angelicum is battling out for that semifinal s lot. St Claire won and what a game they played. I love this shot coz of that stretch.

This guy sure hell can play. He's fast, Very tough when he's in the air. Angelicum's star

Nice stretch. This guy can fly.

St. Pat's ace guard Masanque makes a lovely dish to his team mate after his awesome drive

This guy
, I only know his Surname, Masanque of St. Claire, got game! After a nasty fall from the ellimination game against Ateneo, that gave him a dislocated elbow, he gave us a damn show as he showed us his hang-time moves against the big guys of Angelicum. He plays gracefully. Dribbles without effort. What a great player.

Star player of the game. St.Pat's Madamba, intervewed by UNTV

Sunday, I attended mass early and right after, I went straight to Tivoli Royale to cover the Final 8 of QCAA games. But before that, I dropped by Mcdo, grabbed a Double Cheeseburger Meal on the go for lunch and munched on melted cheese right at the parking lot. Im shy eh.. haha. Then as i entered the gym (with my iced tea), st claire, elementary, is playing. My favorite player, Mada mba is again racking the scores as he scorches the net with his three pointers and lay-ups. They won the game that made their team advance in the playoffs.

Gabo, shows us how to do it

Gabo, #7 player of St Vincent, is one of my favorite players in the league. If you look at him, he seems skinny but when you see him play., u'l just stand in awe. He's so agile. When he moves, theres no effort. He just glides and slices the defence up. In a normal game, he scores above 30 points, dishes out 10 more assists and can rebound. This guy is fun to watch. I hope he wins the MVP award.

This is the last play of the game were a crucial foul was called.

This will be the cheesiest picture u'll ever see in QCAA ever

The game between ICCS and St Vincent was "the game" of the season so far for me. The game was so close. St Vincent has the twice-to-beat advantage but team ICCS never thought of it as a hindrance and gave the best game of their lives. ICCS won in a cinderella fashion! There was even a little controversy on the last call of the refs and they even have to look at the tapes that the media crew t
ook. What a close game it was.

show me the replay

Next week., its the final four for the HS division of the boys. Favored ateneo faces the underdog ICCS and Defense crazy Claret will face the miracle boys of St. Claire. Im gonna be there to cover the games. Its gonna be crazy!

. . .

Its monday, and there are things in the office that doesnt seem to be going pretty well. After all the issues that has been going on, Ayla and Jolly, submitted their resignation. Theres this huge cloud above our workplace and i dunno if things will still work out. For all I know., im go ing to miss these two special people., specially jolly who gave me this job. They are good people. But sometimes, good people has their own limits. Gonna miss those giggles at that part of the room. Im gonna miss Ayla's choppyness. =/

Ayla and Jolly, Mt Gulugod Baboy summit

For all its worth, I had a great time working here in SBM. I met great people who are not here anymore.. From Big tall Mark to always cool Cristel and to babe magnet Pao., to Bass strapping Anna..then Pabling Nick...then Jolly and Ayla, these guys..they are amazing...its been an honor working with them... and Im afraid, the list will go on.

fallen leaves and almost dead bonsai. is this a sign?

Like my boss's Bonsai, its leaves one by one withered and slowly dying (and i think its already dead). If everybody will leave, what will happen to us now? What will happen to the company? What will happen to me? I dont have any plans of goin anywhere. I dunno where should I go. I was actually thinking of becoming a full time photographer...but i dont know how am i gonna start...

Oh well.. Its been one great ride.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gone Nude

Gone Nude
October 17, 2009

My 1st Nude Photoshoot, under the supervision of Mr. Nathaniel Salang. I was kinda nervous shooting someone naked but as I went along, everything seems to be natural. I love it in monochrome. Gives a little drama. The highlights and the curves stand-out. Id like to thank Sir Thaniel for teaching us how to do this properly. Thanks also to Glen, who held the lights all through out the shoot.

Copyright © Mac Centeno

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Long Stressful Weekend

HTP Thanksgiving Mass for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy
saturday, october 9, 2009

HTP Youth with Bro. Lando
friday, october 9, 2009

saturday, october 9, 2009

QCAA Saturday , Diliman Prep. vs St. Vincent
Saturday, october 10, 2009

Jubilee Girls Basketball Team, QCAA, Last ellimination game
saturday, october 10, 2009

Ateneo vs St. Patrick, QCAA
saturday, october 11, 2009

Its already 5PM and i havent started anything yet except for a couple of forum commenting. I still have a long way to go. I arrived at the office and my officemates told me that internet connection was down. I was half excited and half depressed. Excited coz if the connection wont come up, we'll gonna go home early and thats cool! Mall tour! Depressed coz., i could have just stayed home and sleep the whole day. Do some of my chores.. (Just hoping its not raining coz my clothes are left hanging out in the open). Right after lunch time, internet came back and we're online again. (Too bad coz i was already watching Slumdog Millionaire). Break is over and its time to go back to work. Isnt it?

These weekend is really stressful. Friday night, we had a thanksgiving mass at Holy Trinity Parish for the volunteers who helped the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. I also presented the video that Jan and I just made. Im glad people liked it. We took a lot of effort to make it thats why its really special :) After the mass, we had dinner and everybody was happy. Im so thankful for the youth who helped a lot and even more for all the people who donated their extras and money for the needy. Cash proceeds is almost 2 million pesos and relief goods are still pouring in. God bless the people who never get tired in helping our brothers and sisters.

Saturday and Sunday, is game days in QCAA. First game after the flood and the kids are all excited. I myself is excited. For some of these kids, its their last time to shine in QCAA. Most of them are seniors and ready to graduate. Been shooting as early as 8am and we went home around 7pm. What a long day. my ring finger cramped up coz of my camera. Its getting heavy already after the last stretch of the games. But it was cool. Its fun. Really had a great time capturing smiles of these wonderful athletes. In a way, through my pictures, i am already a part of their history. Who knows, they may become big stars someday.

What a long week it was for photography. For the past threedays., my camera seems like an extension of my hand. And its great.. doing something you love and touching people's hearts. Its really rewarding. This is probably a job that id never get tired of. I hope i can have a career in doing photography for the rest of my life.

Have a great week everybody.

Pictures grabbed from :

all photos taken by mac centeno

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brgy. Sta Lucia

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Sta. Lucia Relief Operations / October 2009
What Doesnt Kill You, Makes You Stronger." Powerful words.For the past two days, it gave a deeper meaning for me. Giving Up, is not an option! If you fall down after all the tragedies that life slaps upon you and live and breathe air to tell about it, you have the power to rise above the ashes and get up, start over, be better and become stronger than ever. What makes this a lot more meaningful is theres someone out there to help. Someone to lift you up, someone who fuels the soul to change and turns things around. In these past two days of helping people, I never seen such drama. No food to eat. No water to drink. No place to sleep. House completely obliterated...but still alive and breathing. I learned when life hits you., it really hits you hard. Battered up, banged down but still alive and fighting. For us people who are fortunate, we are called to do something. We are called to serve. We are called to help our brothers to start over. Im so damn proud to all the people that we may consider heroes in such benevolent efforts to cradle the needs of our fellow people that are badly wounded from the whips of life. There is hope among us. No matter how hard life turns out to be, there is light on the other end of that tunnel. With perseverance, possitive attitude and strong faith, reaching that light is possible. For all the volunteers in helping the victims of typhoon Ondoy, I salute you. These are the images of the devastation of the typhoon Ondoy from Brgy. Sta. Lucia in Fairview Quezon City and the relief efforts to help our brothers in need.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Giving a Helping Hand

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Giving a Helping Hand / October 2009
more photos

What can you do to help? What can I do to help?. After looking images of the victims of the typhoon Ondoy, I asked myself that question upon going home. Yesterday, nag-absent ako sa office and gave my strength helping people who are in need. Out of my pocket, I spent my remaining money to buy 2 boxes of beef noodles and 50 bottles of bottled mineral water. Janel, bought some crackers and my mother bought a box of noodles and 35 bottles of mineral water. After i took mama home, me and janel went to the Holy Trinity Parish Rectory to help pack groceries to be distributed for the relief operations. I tagged along upon delivering the goods. I helped carry those groceries after taking some photos. Im so proud for all the people who helped out, to Father Luciano, Rev. Lando, to Ate Lina, to all the drivers and to our fellow youth for giving out their time helping. Thank you guys. I know your still repacking now. Im so proud of you guys. To all our parishoners who donated money, food, clothes, medicines.. thank you so much God bless you all.

Ondoy's Wrath @ Fairview

Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines 2009 © Mac Centeno

Ondoy's Wrath @ Fairview
more photos

Fairview in Quezon City is one of those areas that was flooded by the typhoon "Ondoy" last Saturday. Low areas like Mustang Street and Brgy Sta. Lucia are the areas that needed help. Most of their houses are washed away and left nothing. Trash all over the streets and trees that clearly showed how high the flood water was. It was a devastating scenario and these people need our help real bad. If you can do something to help, please do. Share your blessings. Donate clothes, food, medicines even your strength would really help. There is hope. Lets help these people stand up.