Saturday, June 11, 2011

World Tops Experience

It was a surprise shoot (for them) at World Tops at Valero Street in Makati City. The place is really nice. Lighting really makes a huge difference when it comes to interior designing. The place is painted in white making it more spacious., cozy and makes you feel light. Perfect for having your lunch or snack from a hard busy day at the office.

Camille, the owner, asked me what do I want for lunch. I just told her., just give me a dish that you want to be photographed. She gave me a doze of their Amazing Pinakbet! Gawd this dish is so delicious. I never tasted pinakbet like this before. Its a must try I tell you!

She also gave us this yummy tapa which is a crowd favorite. Paired with eggs and mangoes, its absolutely delicious! Kinda weird though coz its "wet-looking" but then again, its really good!

Everytime an order comes out of the kitchen, they asked me to take a photo of the dish. This is their lovely adobo flakes. Looks really delicious!

Now this is their version of Sisig. Grabe ang bango nito! ( smells really good!). I guess anything that comes out of the kitchen looks really good! Thats why a lot of people flock around here coz the food is delicious and its affordable.

Thy also serve these as well. :) Perfect for that long day at the office when you just happen to have a shot of whoever you wanna be... pareng jack.., or pareng jose or si pareng johnny.

John is tempted to order this one! Looks really crunchy and really tasty!

And as for dessert! This mango bravo ice cream is so good i almost forgot my name! Love it!

They have this promo, Karaoke nights., they wanted to have a photo of the beer bucket for their promo as well. You dont know how much i wanted to open one. hehe But im working so., business before pleasure.

Thanks to Camille and Mark and to the staff of World Tops for their warm hospitality. I highly recommend their place and im definitely going back. In behalf of my partner Jan, thank you so much!

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