Thursday, June 16, 2011

Many Thanks to Derma Doctor!

Leo, my officemate, came to me and asked me to go to the pantry and take photos of these lovely cakes from Estrels Bakeshop. The cakes are so delicious at first glance!

Took the liberty of taking pictures using only the kit lens. After some clicks, Leo is already on the prowl and sliced it up! Saw the creamy filling (sorry i forgot to take a photo) oozing down...

Grabbed a plate for myself and also took a slice! Its so creamy and not to sweet. Yun naman yung gusto ko sa cake, sakto lang yung tamis. I dunno where exactly is Estrells. They say its just near ABS-CBN. I think im goin to research on that further coz the cake is really declicious! Thanks Derma Doctor for your lovely and sumptuous surprise!

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