Friday, May 24, 2013


Theres this place in intramuros which is worth visiting... this place called Barbaras just beside San Agustin Church in Intramuros is one of those places worth dining in. Food theres is really delicious. The place is rich with images of our culture during the spanish era. its like a blast from the past experience. 

 took photos of their buffet. I have to work fast because i only have a 30 minute timeframe before the guests arrive at the banquet. I would like to thank Sir Carl for accommodating us with the shoot. 

 The place looks really good.... and the food is superb. I really love the paella... and their coffee jelly for dessert. absolutely delicious! 

Every night, they have a cultural show which showcases the different kinds of dances our ancestors has been doing for the longest time. Folk dances from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.   

At first i find it kinda... not so entertaining but as they go along.. ok din pala sya... I mean.. its good.. its unique.. with their flashy costumes... interesting dance moves.. i can say im more of a Filipino on that night coz i discovered that we have something of our own that is really good and people from different countries applaud in delight. It was fascinating actually.   

 But all throughout the night, i was mesmerized by this girl who is playing the bass.. not only she was pretty, she was really good! I was actually imagining her rockin with the bass guitar in a rock concert.. She would be really hot if ever... 

Then there was the highlight of the show where the audience had the chance give our national dance a try - the tinikling. It was really something looking at people from different cultures dance the tinikling..and they were good.. i am a filipino and i dont even know how to do it.. if ever my i'd had a broken foot by now.. 
it was such an experience... its like i was in the spanish era where kalesas, katipuneros and civil guards roam the streets of Manila...those cobblestone streets, old churches and antique houses mainly gave that old school manila feeling... it was fun.. it was fun shooting this one... i really had a great time.  I want to thank again Sir Carl for the warm hospitality and also to Ms.Sheree for bringing me at Barbaras for the photoshoot. Good times! 

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