Sunday, February 19, 2012

Puesto del Sol

spectacular view of the ocean! love that fresh breeze that smothers your face
It was roadtrip fridays once again as Innie, our very own travel godess at Ensogo asked me to go with her and Nikos to Calatagan Batangas for a photoshoot. How could i resist! I immediately said yes. Early friday morning, thats as early as 5:00am, I went to Trinoma to park my car then  took the MRT going to Boni Station. We all meet up at Caltex  just beside the MRT station. From there, Me, Nikos and Innie will be picked up by someone. Wanna know that someone is? Hes the owner of Puesto del Sol. Sir Ralph. He's a huge guy, he hails from spain and he speaks Filipino real good! He decided to have his own resort here in the Philippines. With his vision, he developed this very beautiful place on the hills of Calatagan Batangas. and he named it Puesto del Sol. It means a place where the sun (rises / sets). The place has the best sunset view you will ever see and im sure anyone who comes here will definitely enjoy the beauty of it. The air is fresh. Theres no noise. You have that spectacular view of the sea and the mountain side. I even saw an eagle patrolling around the area. Although its not a beach front resort, it has 2 swimming pools. It has this small pool that has the best view. Perfect place to relax and  have a sip of orange juice as you see the sun fall down. Then theres another pool, this one is much bigger. Its a lap pool. Perfect for your morning swim which is one of the best exercise anyone would recommend. If you wish to go to the beach, the resort has a service that will take you there. Its  just minutes away from the resort.  

Enjoy lounging around at these beds
The place also has lounge areas where you can enjoy your favorite drinks by the sun. The surface is actually white sand and it gives you that beach feeling. Have a great tan all over while sippin your favorite drink. Thats a bottle of tekali over there. That drink is awesome. Best with evaporated milk!

Big comfy rooms that will make your stay worthwhile
This is one of the villas. It has a huge bed. huge mirrors and huge cabinets. Its fully airconditioned and the bathroom is very stylish and modern in design. 

Bunk beds with a filipino touch! 
They also have this room by the kubo which is really roomy as well. You can actually fit six people here. Very nice for the barkada. They are planning to put a pull-out bed or a sofa bed on the side so more people can sleep on that  large space beside the bunk bed. 

Enjoy card and board games by the veranda
Outside the room is a veranda where you can play cards, play binggo or play chess with your friends. It also has a sink on the side where you can actually prepare your food.. and theres also an AC plug over there  if you want to cook food with an electric stove or plug a radio or gadgets.. Perfect as well for those "inuman" or drinking sessions =)

a full working kitchen just outside the villa. 
Theres also an outdoor kitchen where Ralph personally designed. He's into kitchen designing as well and this  one is just awesome. He also has this "pugon" oven on the side where you can make pizzas if you wish. This kitchen is awesome for cooking shows because it has the bird's eye view of the beach at the background.  

cows and goats are grazing on the valley. lovin the outdorsy feel out here. 
Theres a valley upfront where you can see cows and goats grazing. This place is so peacefull. Time stops here.  The place also has its own mini organic garden. You can see different kinds of herbs and spices planted in pots. No need to go to the grocery for your parsley, basil or mint, just pick it here fresh and onto your pan!

photo of the lap pool. look at those clouds above..good thing it didnt rain
This is a photo of the lap pool. Its not that wide but tell you it is long! 2 to 3 laps swimming in this pool will definitely burn all those calories away! Very nice pool and the view... its perfect. 

I must say, Puesto del Sol is one of those places you would love to visit if you happen to drop by Calatagan. Its peaceful and serene environment will make your stay all worthwhile. They are still building more facilities like new villas, additional rooms and they are also doing landscaping construction like amazing stone works and adding fresh bermuda grass around the area. By the time this place is fully finished, this is one of the best place to relax and enjoy...  Many thanks to Innie and Nikos for assisting me and taking me down here at this really awesome place. To Jeannie and Rose for the food. To manong Ricardo for driving us. And of course to sir Ralph for letting us enjoy the experience of his humble resort. Thank you so much!

Photography by : Mac Centeno
Puerto Del Sol, Calatagan, Batangas

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