Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is a new product that I never seen before.  This is a new product called Spandle. Its some kind of a lotion or a moisturizer which has a great scent. Which gives you a calm soothing mood when you apply it onto your skin. 

You light it up. 

Then let it melt for a while. Wait till you have a plentiful of wax from the candle . Dont pour it onto your skin yet because  it can be hot. 

 blow the candle and let the wax cool a little bit

 then pour it onto your skin..

Lather it up and enjoy the scent and the smoothness of your skin after you apply it. 

Choose from a variety of flavors! For me the one that smells good is the one on the top right and bottom left. 

This product will be  soon launched at Ensogo-Livingsocial really soon! Please do watch out for it. 

Model : Luisa Gimenez
Photography : Mac Centeno
Ensogo-Livingsocial Studio

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