Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Crab Pot Seafood Restaurant

I just cant imagine we went to this place called "Daang Hari " to shoot some crabs! But its all worth it though coz this crabs are really delicious! These buttered crabs are to die for! Its that darn delicious! Crabs are meaty and its buttery flavor is simply delicious. Umaapaw sya sa Alige! No more poise eating this one coz i just have to rip all the meat from within and damn i tell you its oozing with goodness. Its so delicious....

I also tried their delicious watermelon shake. What a great thirst quencher. A perfect fix for the tremendous heat outside. I really enjoyed this one...

That huge great white shark on the ceiling definitely rocks. I love the interiors of this restaurant. Why? 1st its wide and spacious. 2, flat screen tv's are all over. Its best watching your favorite game of basketball while you eat your crabs! 3, its nice and clean. 4, the place is flooded with natural light. 5, probably its the shark! :) 

They also have KTV rooms upstairs! They actually have five of them according to sizes. All of them have flat screen tv's and hi-fi stereo systems. This place is just perfect! 

If you and your family is on a craving for some good seafood, just visit Crab Pot Seafood restaurant at Seaside Seafood restaurants, Daang Hari Road, Almanza Dos, Las Pinas. Pick your choice of crabs, shrimps, fish at the market beside the restaurant and then they will cook it for you. Like Dampa style. :) Food there is just delicious. What an adventure. I wanna thank my fellow officemate Jan for letting me use her car. We almost got lost at Las Pinas but we managed to pull it through. Also to the staff. To ms. Cielo, thank you for the good food. We appreciate it so much. Hope to come by once again. 


  1. where exactly is this? is it near mall of asia?

  2. its located in Daang Hari in Las Pinas.. heres the complete address :

    Lot 5 Seaside Seafood Restaurants Daang Hari Road, Almanza Dos, Las Pinas City

    0920-9704481 / 0922-8434068

  3. I can't contact them. Do they have landline?

  4. COntact numbers : 0906-5242722 / 0922-8434068 / 551-4772


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