Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cookie Day

I so love cookies! This day was a surprise because i'l be having another photoshoot but this time it will be at the studio. I love shooting at the studio coz most of my gears are there and i can actually control everything.. The lights, the mood.. Theres no pressure when im working there. Im just happy Gia, my officemate decided to go with the shoot at the office. She handed me these delicious cookies from Cookie Day! By the looks of it made me drool all over. Picture on top is their delicious Speculoos Cookie Butter-filled cookies and their Nutella-filled cookies! Both of them are insanely good! 

You can actually have them in plain cookies if you want. They are sold in a box of 12.. Im not sure with the price though because LivingSocial PH will soon launch these goodies at the website real soon. These cookies are best with your morning coffee! You must try it!

I so love that fork over there where theres a scribble that says, "made with love". Its funny though coz i just watched Matrix Revolutions and there was a scene there where the oracle is helping this kid make cookies and theres a line there that she said. "cookies need love like everything does.." 

Thats just me with this Behind-The-Scene shot thanks to Gia. I used 2 lights over here. I used my boom stand with a speedlight and beauty dish on top (not in the picture) and another softbox at the back of the cookies then reflected by a silver reflector. Used a cardboard to reflect light and create highlights in front of the cookies.. :) Another bad posture! Thats why my back hurts at the end of the day...

Anyways.. please do try Cookie Day's cookies! Im sure you will love it. Coming real soon at Ensogo-LivingSocial!


  1. Sooo happy you liked the cookies and that you blogged about us, we appreciate it a lot :) By the way, the pictures are all great!!

    Thank you so much Mac! :)

    From Cookie Day :)

  2. No problem! i asked Gia if ever bibili sya ng cookies papasabay sana ako ng isang box ng cookie butter! haha :) i just love those cookies...


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