Sunday, July 29, 2012

Casa Verde at the Terraces

Dax Steak with breaded shrimps and stir fried rice
Hello Cebu! Its so nice to be here once again! Its been a while since my last visit and I think it was mid 2006 when my sister and my cousins came home from states. Cant believe its 6 years ago. The development of the Ayala Center is just spectacular! 

The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu City
Anyways, When we arrived at the hotel, we just left our bags there and went straight to lunch. Abby told me theres a really nice restaurant she want me to try out. Its one of the best out there. They serve really good steaks and ribs. This place is called Casa Verde located at the Terraces at Ayala Center. The place is really packed! Mostly foreigners and a large number of Koreans flock the area. The food was awesome. It looks really delicious. Saw giant burgers and the largest fruit shakes ever! Photo above is the Dax Steak. The meat is soft and tender. The taste is phenomenal. I loved it so much.  

Breaded Shrimps

The steak is paired with this delicious breaded shrimps which is so good as well. Dip it in its special sauce (i believe thats mayo - special! ) and the taste made it even better! I love it. I love this dish! Im a sucker for shrimps!   

Abby ordered the dish called "Brian's Ribs" and it was humongous! Good thing we didnt order two of em coz we cant hardly one. It was so good. The sauce is so delicious. This is Casa Verde's best seller and i dont blame the people if they keep on ordering this one coz its really delicious. Meat is soft and tender. You definitely have to order some extra rice coz one is not enough. This dish is just spectacular.

Raspberry Iced Tea
 I ordered their raspberry iced tea and it was delicious. Very refreshing. A great thirst quencher. Served in a huge plastic glass. With all that food shoved into my mouth, this is the perfect drink to push it all down. Love it! 

Casa Verde's bar 
 Our lunch at Casa Verde was so good. We are full as hell and damn their food was really delicious. If you happen to go to Cebu, make sure to drop by Casa Verde and im sure you wont regret it. Casa Verde is located at the 3rd level of the Terraces at Ayala Center in Cebu. Come early so you can have your seats. This place packs a lot of people during lunch time so better hurry.

Good Eats! More to come from my overnight Cebu food craze. 

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