Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spanish Sardines Pizza

Spanish Sardines Pizza by Abby Olarte
Now this is delicious! Abby wanted to make some pizza and she asked me what kind of pizza that i want.. Choosing is kinda hard but i just thought of something like a.. sardine pizza. Abby grabbed some of the main ingredients. We went to the sardines section of the supermarket and looked for some delicious, spanish style sardines we could ever find. Abby asked me if i wanted it hot or regular.., i usually enjoy eating food which is not spicy. A little will do but not to much. I just chose the regular since you can add some hot sauce if you want to. Then we bought some cheese. Not just ordinary cheese but "kesong puti" (Cheese made from Carabao's Milk). We also bought some Baby Arugula to make the pizza something out of the ordinary. We also added some black olives and mushrooms to make it more delicious! Abby had some left over spaghetti sauce. She coated the frozen pizza dough evenly then added the spanish sardines. Then she placed the kesong puti, then the mushrooms then the olives then the arugula. Placed it in the oven and let it cook for about 20-25 minutes.Voila! By the smell of it, it tastes reallllly good. Its really delicious. The sardines and mushrooms and kesong puti combination is really good! Plus the crunchiness of the baby arugula played really well.  Nice work beb abby! :) Lets do this again sometime! She prepared a couple of slices for me to take it to  lunch the next day. I heated it up at the toaster then i took a photo of it for documentation...  ;)  Visit Abby's blog for the recipe. Check out her other recipes as well!

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