Monday, February 6, 2012

Crave Burgers

All of these for only a hundred pesos. Not bad for a burger that is so delicious!
I was kinda excited for Monday because for this Crave Burger photoshoot. Im a fan of this Burger joint coz their burgers are really good. Scheduled shoot is at 4pm and i wanted to be there early. Good thing its just close by. Went there alone. Yeah alone.. Its kinda hard having a photoshoot alone..Good thing Ms.Christy, the marketing manager of Crave and her staff  helped me out holding my reflector. :)

close up shot of the mini-burgers. Yummy!
The deal - for 100 pesos only, you will have three mini burgers + fries + juice.  Its value is around 200 pesos and through Ensogo-Livingsocial , you can have it 50% off! Not bad for a very delicious burger. The patty is so thick consuming 3 burgers will surely make you full! Im excited for this deal to be launched. =) 

Crave Burger's interior is so rad i love it! 
Love the interior of this place. Lighting is good, the graphics on the walls are awesome and the good thing about it is they serve fast. People usually flock during lunch time. Good thing its not that crowded when I was doing the photoshoot. 

Crave Burger's patties are one of the best out there. Definitely a must try.
Just used a simple lighting set-up for this one. I placed my Nikon SB-600 at the right-back side of the burgers and powered it up to 1/4. Then i placed my white reflector in front of the burger giving it a very nice bounced light. Saw this technique on the web and its really good! It pays a lot to research and practice some techniques. Tomorrow im gonna do the same thing  again. I have another shoot at Greenhills for this Mochi Restaurant (Yum!). 

Its been a really long day and its tiring but rewarding. Thanks again to the staff of Crave Burgers over at BGC. I really had a great time. Thanks for making my work a little lighter. Appreciate all the help. Im gonna get a voucher of this deal once its launched. 

Good times.. :) Lesson of the day - always practice. Practice what you see and make it perfect. Keep shooting!

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