Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Solaris Sea Salt Honey Caramel Spread

Im down to the last product for photoshoot for the day and I saved the best for last! This spreads, by the sound of it tastes delicious already! Specially the Sea Salt Honey Caramel Spread... i cant help myself opening the small jar without asking and man it was..ugh.. delicious. Its like this local delicacy called Yema only melted... Its so good. It has this sweetness and has this salty after taste. Its really good...

Partner it with your favorite crackers. Dunk it in and enjoy its flavorful taste.  

It also has another flavor, the Sea Salt Lo-glycemic Caramel. It tastes good as well but i really like the Sea Salt Honey Caramel. I think im gonna buy 2 of these once it hits the LivingSocial website. You have to try it as well. You wont regret it! 

The Nutty Bavarian

Eating Cashew nuts are very addicting. Its actually one of my favorites. Once i open a pack, I just cant stop picking one after another. On my next assignment, this will be really interesting all because cashew nuts are involved.. Not only cashew, but almonds as well! Oooh yummy! I had an assignment to shoot this really nice food kiosk in SM Mall of Asia called The Nutty Bavarian. At first i was thinking of photographing donuts or something (bavarian - donut.. darn). And to my surprise im shooting nuts! Welcome to The Nutty Bavarian! Lets dig deep onto this delicious dessert! 

Like I mentioned earlier, im addicted to nuts.. whether it may be ordinary peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds.. name it.. i love it! Now they added a certain twist to the already delicious cashew nuts.. they added a dash of cinnamon and sugar, caramelized... Man this is really something, Its so delicious i tell you...

Ms. Jane generously showed me how its done. From the photo above, Jane is slowly pouring the almonds mixed with sugar over a heated water which is constantly stirring using this special machine. 

in a matter of minutes, all of the water evaporated leaving the sugar and cinnamon coated nuts. Jane added some more water and mixed it well. When the nuts is already in the right color.. she poured the nuts onto a tray to let it cool.  Then after a few minutes of mixing, its ready! 

Jane places it in paper cones or in a clear plastic bag to serve.  These nuts are ready to enjoy!

You can also buy the nuts un-coated if you wish. 
Many thanks to Ms. Jane of Nutty Bavarian for the hospitality and of course for letting me taste the different flavors of The Nutty Bavarian. I had a great time with the shoot. Visit their kiosk near the Ice Skating Rink inside SM Mall of Asia. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eat My GF - Garlic Fries

It started out as a kiosk in Alabang then turned into a full blown restaurant over at F.Calderon Street in San Juan City. Eat My GF - Garlic Fries offers one of the best burgers i could ever imagine.. the Big Ohh! This burger is one of the baddest of them all. Why you may ask? Because if you happen to have one of these daily, it would probably give you a heart attack! This insane burger is made of a  half pound patty : 50% smoked bacon, 50% beef! 

Then topped with cheese, 2 huge tomato slices, an egg , some vegetables and more bacon! Yeah thats right.. bacon patty topped with more bacon!  Seriously this burger is screaming calories and what the hell! This is just delicious. I just love this so much..I actually had a hard time eating this one coz everything seems to fall out from the bun! I asked for a plate and one by one placed the bacon for the mean time onto the plate and saved all of em for last.  Shooting this one is fun! Honestly, I really enjoy shooting burgers. Maybe because how the meat just boasts itself out of the bun..  Then there goes the cheese graciously comes out.. Then the veggies dangles at the sides.. Photographing this burger is also a challenge because the ingredients tend to move and slide away and you need a toothpick to keep them still.   We torching the cheese to make it look really good and tasty... I also like to burn stuff sometimes.

I tried shooting the burgers with different angles and from this shot you can see this monster burger towering among the rest! I always wanted to try different table set-ups. Experimenting with accessories.. some cooking equipment.. That chopping board of mine is starting to get really famous coz i always use that in most of my photoshoots! I really wanted to add up the ketchup and the mustard at the back and by using the 50mm 1.8, it gave me that creamy and proper bokeh  to hide the inscriptions...

I dont really know why this photo didnt made the LivingSocial website. This is actually one of my favorite shots among the set. You can just see the bacon on top..and the egg is perfect.. And everything is neat! Anyways., that photo over there makes me really hungry! I can still taste that burger by looking at it.  Its that good i tell you. 

Besides the great food, you will also enjoy the Ballpark theme of the Restaurant. It's like you went to San Francisco watching baseball when you step inside the restaurant. Kim, part owner of the store wants it that way coz he wants to bring home the San Francisco Baseball atmosphere in his restaurant.  It actually started when Kim sells his Garlic Fries and and Garlic Chips and eventually business went really well and he added more recipes into his menu. You also got to try their Chili Cheese Fries and Nacho Chili! Its made from real cheddar cheese and home made  chili. They also serve cherry coke,  and some A&W Rootbeers which you dont find normally in other stores. So there, please do come visit this awesome restaurant. Im sure your bacon satisfaction will definitely blow your diet! I really had fun with this photoshoot. The food is just delicious. Please buy your vouchers now at LivingSocial.com.ph and avail their exciting deal! I'd like to give thanks to Kim for letting us enjoy his great food. Those Garlic Chips are to die for. I actually had 2 boxes to go for the production team here at the office and they loved it! We really appreciate it so much! Eat My GF - Garlic Fries is located at F. Calderon Street, Little Baguio in San Juan. You can also find them at Food Choices in Alabang Town Center. 

Cookie Day

I so love cookies! This day was a surprise because i'l be having another photoshoot but this time it will be at the studio. I love shooting at the studio coz most of my gears are there and i can actually control everything.. The lights, the mood.. Theres no pressure when im working there. Im just happy Gia, my officemate decided to go with the shoot at the office. She handed me these delicious cookies from Cookie Day! By the looks of it made me drool all over. Picture on top is their delicious Speculoos Cookie Butter-filled cookies and their Nutella-filled cookies! Both of them are insanely good! 

You can actually have them in plain cookies if you want. They are sold in a box of 12.. Im not sure with the price though because LivingSocial PH will soon launch these goodies at the website real soon. These cookies are best with your morning coffee! You must try it!

I so love that fork over there where theres a scribble that says, "made with love". Its funny though coz i just watched Matrix Revolutions and there was a scene there where the oracle is helping this kid make cookies and theres a line there that she said. "cookies need love like everything does.." 

Thats just me with this Behind-The-Scene shot thanks to Gia. I used 2 lights over here. I used my boom stand with a speedlight and beauty dish on top (not in the picture) and another softbox at the back of the cookies then reflected by a silver reflector. Used a cardboard to reflect light and create highlights in front of the cookies.. :) Another bad posture! Thats why my back hurts at the end of the day...

Anyways.. please do try Cookie Day's cookies! Im sure you will love it. Coming real soon at Ensogo-LivingSocial!


For quite some time now when ever I go to Trinoma over at QC and watch a movie, I always pass by this really nice food place called Fuzion. Yesterday, me and my officemate Gia gave the place a visit and took photographs of their delicious drinks that they will soon launch at LivingSocial . These drinks looks so delicious and i cant keep an eye on that raspberry smoothie at the back. I gave it a try after the shoot and it was so good! 

Watch out for their upcoming deal at Ensogo-LivingSocial! Fuzion is located on the top floor of Trinoma Mall, just near the cinemas.