Saturday, September 3, 2011

Palawan's Butterfly Garden

After our stay at Mitra's Ranch., we went to the Butterfly Garden to have a glimpse of the butterflies. I tell you once inside., theres a lot! The last time i was inside a butterfly garden was in Hong Kong and that was no match to this one.

Butterflies in all sorts of colors fly around. Theres even one who laid rest on my shoulders. Butterflies are one of those creatures that moves with such grace and seeing them in numbers is quite a satisfaction.

Im surprised when i use my telephoto's performance coz it gave me this really creamy bokeh... Look at this good lookin guy over here.. havin himself his own tan.. Love this photo..

They say., butterflies dont live that long thats why they make the most of it. We might wanna leave em alone.... their both busy..

The place not only caters to different kinds of butterflies but also to different kinds of creepy crawlies such as bugs, centipedes and scorpions!

Damn i faced my fear of letting the scorpion crawl onto my hands then to my arm...damnit its like theres a huge cockroach trinkling and walking around your arm! Its an unforgettable feeling and damnit i aint gonna do it again!

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