Sunday, September 4, 2011

Facing the Day Right

Its a brand new day and its time to face the world once again. Everytime i open my cabinet, i taped there my previous race bibs to motivate me to move forward and face any challenges that is in front of me. Running taught me to face my agonies, go through them and always move forward. This coming october 23, il be running for Adidas King of the Road and im adding another bib to that door...

At last! New pair of shoes! Its been a while since i bought my last pair..(That was my Vans when i was still working at Netcore). Bought this one at artwork and i really like it coz its really comfy and very light! My pair of vans really needs to retire coz its all stressed out.. even my white chucks... i love this!

Traffic at Edsa is still light. I guess leaving home early has its advantages....

Abby gave me some of her pretzels and its so good i love it!

Im stuck at my chair working and i cant hardly go out to have lunch. Good thing I saved some noodles at my boin just in case i get hungry...

Another way at work... tasks finished and went home tired but happy.. :)

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