Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mey Lin Pot and Noodle House Makati

Since 1984, Mey Lin Pot and Noodle House  has captured the taste buds of many Filipinos. I do believe if a restaurant stands strong for 30 years it only means one thing : their food is really delicious. I can vouch for that. I just had lunch at Mey Lin and I strongly agree that food there is one of the best. Just like this steamed fish fillet... it's really delicious. Fish is so soft and the sauce has this sweet and sour taste that is really good. Perfect for those on a diet. Its absolutely delicious. 

This dish is called the 3 Cups Chicken... i wasn't really paying attention really well why its called that way but as far as  I remember, it's major ingredients is made up of 3 cups of this ingredient.. and another 3 cups of this ingredient  and another 3 cups of that something. Pardon me for being very accurate on this one  but what am i gonna tell you is that this dish is really good... It's fragrance is so appetizing..... It's so inviting.. It's like you're already eating as you smell it. It's so delicious. This is a must try at Mey Lin and I highly recommend this dish. 

This is their fried cuttlefish. By the looks of it, it doesn't look like cuttlefish nor squid to me. Seasoned with soy sauce and other spices.. this dish will really surprise you. It's really delicious. Best when hot so better eat this quick once served. I love this dish. 

Their fried dumplings is really delicious as well! I love the taste of it. It's not that salty. It has this great savory flavor. This one is also a must order at Mey Lin.  

You got to try also their steamed dumplings. Its more like the fried dumplings yet this one is just steamed. I like this one because for me steamed food is healthy. It has less fat than deep fried .  I love this as well. 

Their patatim is to die for. It's really delicious. It's served with their home made Cuapao (It's like siopao without the filling). They made their own Cuapao by the way. It was served to us by chopping up the patatim into chunks, strands and then they stuffed it inside the hot and moist Cuapao. It's so delicious.... highly recommend it! You better try this i tell you.. it's really good. You'l be cringing in delight. That savory flavor of the patatim is heaven....

Their pancit canton is made with their very own hand-pulled noodles. They make these from scratch and they are very proud of it. The texture and the way the noodles hold onto your chopsticks is really nice and firm.  Im really no expert to describe this but the pancit looks really good and taste really good! I tried a lot of pancit canton before but this one is just really good. Authentic pancit canton at its finest. Also a must order at Mey Lin. 

I have to tell you, they serve one of the best kang-kong ever. I dont usually eat this but when I had this... its so good.  I love the "garlicky" taste. Also the sweetness added to it. It's really delicious. Perfect for those whose into veggies and those people on a diet...  You got to love that crunch of the kangkong as you bite into it. 

Their restaurant is located at Jupiter Street near Centerstage in Makati. You will easily find it as you enter the building.  I like the cozy feel of the place. Most of the people who dine here are Chinese and people who really dig Chinese food (me included). For sure coz' this is the place where they can have authentic chinese food in Makati. Mey Lin's first branch was in Binondo by the way. They do have a branch at SM Mall of Asia.  

Many thanks to Ms Alma and her staff for having us. They'r very nice and very accommodating. Thank you for helping me out with the shoot.  I really loved your food so much. I kinda felt bad i ate lunch at the office before the shoot.... my tummy had less room to fill in :) I also want to thank Ms. Jewell for assisting me with the photoshoot. Thank you so much! Again, thank you so much for this opportunity. These are the moments that I really love what Im' doing because i tend to experience great food and meet really nice people. So thank you once again! 

p.s. people back in the office loved your food as well! they said thank you so much! They loved the Cuapao! 

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