Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another Visit at Gloria Maris Wilson

Gloria Maris Restaurant in Wilson San Juan is like an institution for good food. It's been there for quite some time! Avid foodies like me love their traditional chinese dishes. I love their cold cuts! Its a combination of Soy Chicken, Pork Asado, Roast Duck, Sea Weeds and some Century Eggs. 

I also love their beef tenderloin. Meat is very soft. The sauce tastes really good. Mapapakanin ka dito! Extra Rice please!  

If you're into fish, you will love to try their  Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. I actually enjoyed eating this.  Fish is so delicious! I love the sauce as well. This is highly commendable! Its really good. Malinamnam sya! I seldom eat fish. unless its inihaw... or fish fillet like in Mcdo.. but this one is an exception :D 

I posted this photo of their Birthday Noodles and people are starting to greet me Happy Birthday! Thanks guys but its not my birthday! It's just called Birthday noodles! But mind you, you'll feel like its your birthday if you had a knack of these pancit.. It's so delicious..... It's kinda different with the others that I tasted. It's just delicious. I really love the taste.. the sauce... and those kwek-kweks added delight in the dish. It's a must order in Gloria Maris. 

For dessert, i had this delicious Lychee fix and it's really good. It's really refreshing. I love Lychee! It's packed with Vitamin C and it's great for your body. Why?  Because Lychees, unlike other fruits, its low in sodium, its low in saturated fat and its cholesterol free! :D  

I wanna thank Sir Em for his warm hospitality.  Also his staff for letting me create a mess while doing the shoot. haha. Kidding. Good thing your restaurant has a 2nd floor and I had all the room for myself :) Thank you so much! I also wanna thank Loren for leading the way going there with his unusual route. I thought im gonna be late but with Loren's google map skills inside his head, we arrived right on schedule! Salamat! 

Another food adventure! The list goes on and on and on.... Thank you for all the blessings! 
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