Wednesday, December 4, 2013

illy Café Delizio

Everybody loves coffee. Some people simply can't live without it. Cafe Illy is one of the best coffee joints you will ever find here in the metro. I really love  their delicious coffee and desserts! Photo above is their delicious chocolate cointreu cake! Its actually like their delicious tiramisu but there's orange zest on top. This one is really delicious... pour some of that hot choco on top and you can actually experience heaven...(well in a way..its that good.)

I also tried their salted caramel chocolate cake which i really enjoyed. I really love the taste of the salted caramel. It has that creamy texture. 

 when you slice throgh the cake, you can really feel its thickness! And the taste is so good. One of the best cakes i ever tasted. This is no joke. Its really delicious...

I had my shoot at Rockwell and the staff there is really great. I would love to give thanks to these remarkable people..for the warm hospitality, the brilliance in making those cappuccino art and of course, serving great coffee. I had a complimentary treat which is this croissant and cappuccino. I love their croissant..its nice, soft and very delicious. Best paired with this cappuccino. :)