Monday, September 24, 2012

Fiesta Bites Bibingka

Classic Bibingka topped with Cheese
One of the most popular Filipino delicacy is the Bibingka. It is made with rice flour and coconut milk, sometimes with water. There are so many versions of the bibingka but usually its second ingredients are milk and eggs, salted eggs or cheese. Its quite an effort in making these and  Fiesta Bites somehow perfected the way to do it. They offer these mouth-watering Bibingkas everybody will enjoy! Once you open the box, the aroma is absolutely mesmerizing... You'l crave even more by the smell of it.  

Bibingka with Salted Eggs
This one with the salted eggs is really delicious! The saltiness does not overpower the taste. It kinda blends with the whole thing. I love it... i really do. When I was working with this one, I am dying to have a bite!  After the shoot, i probably ate 1 bibingka in less than 30 seconds! Absolutely delicious!  

Fiesta Bites Bibingka
Fiesta Bites will run a deal at Ensogo which is a limited offer only. For only 149 pesos, you will get 1 dozen of these delicious Bibingkas (valued at 300 pesos). 299 pesos for 2 dozens (valued at 600 pesos). Thats a great offer! Half the price for each dozen. So hurry! Buy your vouchers now at and enjoy this wonderful treat! You may find the deal by clicking this link . 

I would like to thank Joyce for the props, those salted eggs kinda worked. And the butter for that extra glaze and shine. I kinda burned the cheese a little but it still looks good though. Thanks Joyce :) Go buy your vouchers now! 

This deal is available at their Trinoma Branch, Lower Ground floor at Landmark and at Salcedo Market, Salcedo Village Makati. 

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