Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pena de Pato Wines

 Its always been a challenge shooting wines. Theres actually a proper way on how to light the bottle and I admit, i still dont know how to do it. So far this is my best effort. I really want to shoot wines in low key (dark background). For me, it looks more elegant. Its like you gave the product a dash of prestige. I dunno. Its just me. I just like it that way.

Ensogo will be running a deal with these wines. I dunno when but it will be really soon. Just watch out for it. Really need to practice more. Shooting bottles, glass.. playing with reflections and shadows is a skill. 

I really need to master this art. I guess i have more shots to click, more camera actuations to burn. ;) Till next time! Watch out for this deal! Visit for amazing products, travel discounts and good quality services. 

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