Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Tea Republic

The last time I visited Tea Republic was perhaps a year ago. My last days from my previous company, we had some breakfast there. I never knew im coming back and reminsce ol' times. I thought the photoshoot will not push through because of the bad weather. I guess rain or shine - the shoot must go on. My models are waiting for me and they are all hot and yummy! This beef salpicao is screaming satisfaction all over!

Their pasta is really nice. I dunno what kind of herb is in it but it definitely tastes good. Served with the toasted bread on the side, this pasta is one heck of a treat. I love it!

This is simply vanilla ice cream, sandwiched in two large chocolate chip cookies then smothered by chocolate syrup. Looks simple but its so damn good! Say hello to calories as well =)

I never tasted macaroons like these before. It has chocolate chips inside! Very delicious. They sell this one for 100 pesos per box.

Another shot of the beef salpicao. I read this article about positioning the camera right at this level. It makes the food a lot more interesting and tempting to eat. I just love browsing tips off the web about angles, lighting, and styling. Planning to attend classes on food photography, advanced lighting techniques and food styling someday...

My shoot at Tea Republic was fun. Although it was a little stressful but its all good. Photography is always been fun to me and im just thankful im doing it as a part of my job. :) Id like to thank Sir Gary for assisting me with the shoot. Tea Republic is located at the lobby of the Enterprise Center at Ayala St., Makati City.

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