Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Merienda at Itoy's Coffee

The famous Itoy's coffee is like their local Starbucks here in Puerto Princesa. This actually part of our itinerary and im dying to try their best selling frappes. Lets go inside!

Love the design of the interior. Although its kinda dark, the paintings, figurines, and other interesting pieces greeted us. They are awesome. Just love the homey feel of the place.

Their logo is quite scary. I dunno who designed this one but i think its way better if they take away the photo of i guess the owner on the logo. Its cleaner and less scary.

We tried their home made pizza. We usually make this way back home where we only use del monte pizza sauce with a little ground beef, placed it on huge pandesals like the ones in Pan de Manila and then smotthered with quick melt... Simply delicious..

I never had sizzling spaghetti before and i had first at Itoy's! This fiilipino style spaghetti is really tasty and very delicious. This is a must try at Itoy's.

Served along with Garlic bread slices. These compliments the taste of the pasta. Perfect combination...

As for dessert, we had choco frappes topped graciously with wipped cream and chocolate syrup plus cherries on top. Its really good... sarap.

We are so full and not to mention, this is only meryenda. after an hour or so, we already have reservations to the next famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa - "Kalui".

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us! Some really amazing features.


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