Monday, August 29, 2011

Palawan : Here We Go!

Palawan! Here we go! Abby and I are on a travel spree at Travel Factor and we are on our way Puerto Princesa in Palawan! This will be both our first time to visit Puerto Princesa and damn were both excited to see the sights!

We rode Air Philippines Express. Were arrived early at the airport thanks to the Cab driver who is half crazy and half race car driver. Good thing traffic is such a breeze and we arrived at the airport with so much time.

With my loving travel buddy! If we have actually all the time in the world, we would travel and travel and travel! and probably eat as as much as we can. :)

Our boarding passes are already out and here we go! All we can do is wait. We can smell the beach right now. =)

I always tend to take a photo of Abby when seated on the window side. I just love the edge of light throwing at her. Abby's facial features, specially here nose, is really sexy.... =)

Weather seems to be nice and calm at 31,000 feet. View up here is really spectacular!

Arrived at Puerto Princesa a little late but still manageable. Aica, our travel guide from Travel factor greeted us and led us to the Hotel's Van. We also bumped in with Jay, our fellow Travel Factor traveller. Weather is a little cloudy. At this point, im already praying it doesnt rain...

Me and Abby are now ready to embark on our Palawan Adventure! Its travel factor's UBBE (Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience) + Food Trip tour! At this point, we are on our way to the hotel...

This is Ysabelle Mansion. This will be our home for the next 3 days. Its quite far from the city. It takes a motorcycle ride to go to town. The place is really nice. Cozy and very clean. I recommend this place. Im sure you will love it too.

And our Puerto Princesa adventure starts now!

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