Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Glimpse of Sheridan Beach Resort

Sabang Beach. We are on our way back to our van and we passed by this next level and prestigious resort in the area - The Sheriden Beach Resort. I was amped when I saw the gorgeous infinity pool with this nicely placed seats on the side of the pool. I kept moving forward and kept on shooting - then suddenly, the guard came close and pursuaded me to stop taking photos...

I just said., what? even here photography is illegal... I really dont know why they are stopping me coz actually im giving them a free promotion for their beach resort. I stopped and just walked away.

I was actually done taking photos anyway. I just took 5 shots of the place and i guess thats enough...

By its looks., its definitely one of those high end, 5 star kind of a beach resort that i think quite expensive to book....

Again, mesmerized by the beautiful design of the pool. Just by looking at it is already relaxing. What more if you are lying there, sun-bathing with a freshly squeezed orange juice garnished with a lemon slice and a teeny tiny umbrella on the side...... ahhh.

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