Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mini Cupcakes from Frostings

I had six products photographed yesterday... I took photos of Bery'l's Chocolate - surprisingly box lang walang laman.. (boxes only). Then i photographed products from WBCL - 1. The Coil Hose 2. The Glass Cleaner. After that i took photos of these really rad 2 in 1 shoes..when you zip it down., it turns into sandals! =) Then i had a reshoot for the Everlast watch - which i love but i have many watches already so i might just...take that urge away..

Then this is the last product i photographed, its a product from Frostings. Mini Cupcakes sprinkled with colored sugar! Very tempting. Mouth-watering. Its screaming goodness right at the packaging!

The white cupcakes are red velvet. Too bad i didnt took a photo slicing it at the middle. When i saw clarisse (our awesome graphics lady) munching on these goodies, i saw the insides are red... should have taken a photo of that. These cupcakes are so good its so addicting. Although its kinda sweet. This is an instant favorite for all those who have a sweet tooth out there.

This is my share. I do think mixing blue colored sugar with brown chocolate is somehow contrasting but what the hell. It tastes good! Once my teeth sunk on to the chocolate - the world paused for 2 seconds. Instant gratification! These mini cupcakes will soon be launched at Ensogo-Livingsocial most probably next week. Im sure a lot of people will enjoy this deal.

Its been a long day for me. I got scared a little earlier coz my reflector accidentally fell down and it went right through wine bottles which stumbled down one by one... Good thing it didnt broke! It made this really loud noise and it caught everybody's attention..definitely made a scene. Akward moment.. ooh well..

Make sure to log-in to Ensogo-Livingsocial and catch great deals such as these! Happy long weekend to everyone of you!

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