Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty Lipbalms

At first i thought these are chocolates! It looks so real! When i openned i and held it.. its made of plastic! I asked Veron what da hell is this? She said those wer lip balms! I never seen anything like this before! This is definitely one of those great gifts you'l give this Valentines Day.

These wonderful works of art are really fun to look at. Lip balms are essential to us since it helps us fight chapped lips. What more if you have something fun looking like this. Cute and functional.

These sundae lipbalms are really cute. You can actually make it as a keychain...

Honestly, i had fun taking photos of these lipbalms. This one smells really good! It has this fruity scent im sure you will love kissing someone who wears it! Hehe. The ice cream idea is really cute as well.

The goodies are enclosed in boxes like these and from afar., its surely looks like chocolate. :) I think im gonna buy one of these as a present for Valentines Day. I just hope its not that expensive!

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