Monday, April 30, 2012

Awesome Fajitas @ Chilli's

 Lunch, its scorching hot outside..Me and Abby cant decide what to eat for lunch.The damn sizzling heat somehow affected our decision making and we cant decide where to go. Then a spark of idea glitched abby and uttered, "How bout Chilli's?" Sounds like a really nice idea and so we went. Chilli's is one of our favorite restaurants. Food there is just mouthwatering. I ordered some buffalo wings w/c i havent posted yet on instagram - my new favorite app! These pics by the way are grabbed from my twitter. I sync my photos from instagram to twitter... Im too lazy to bring out my camera back then maybe because of of hunger...i just whipped out my phone and shot away.  Abby ordered some Fajitas then suddenly i realized how good that was... slices of chicken and shrimps... on a sizzling plate..damn it thats delicious!

The way to eat is is to put the ingredients to a pita bread and wrap it like a shawarma. Add some hot sauce if you may and enjoy! This dish is simply delicious... Buffalo wings + Fajitas + Bottomless iced tea = 2 happy tummies. Chilli's.. through the years, they always remain at their best. 


  1. Food is good but serving is too little for a not so cheap bill...

  2. i kinda agree with you... it would be a lot better if they serve more in a not so expensive price


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