Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hap Chan Tea House

Its been a long day at work and our manager / production mom, Ms. Janis wants to eat something Chinese. She urged us to  call it a day and have dinner all together. Hungry and tired, our feet led us to one of the most well known Chinese restaurant at the heart of Bonifacio Global City - the Hap Chan Tea House. Its located in front of Market Market just across Serendra. Lucky I brought my camera with me and took photos of some of their delicious dishes. This one right here is their Pork Siomai which Gil ordered. Never had pork siomai drenched in soup before and it tastes really good!      

I ordered one of my favorite dimsum ever - the Hakaw or better known as Shrimp Dumplings. Whenever I see this on the menu, I cant resist ordering it! This one is fabulous! Moist, juicy, and the shrimp is really good! You got to try it for yourself. 

Since its dinner, i usually stay away from carbs. I usually dont eat heavy coz i wont burn it out and eventually it will end up as an addition to my already bulging belly! So this meal is a perfect choice! Hap Chan's Beef Brisket Noodles is one of the best! The beef is so tender and soft. The noodles are perfect and the soup is really delicious. 

I have to agree that their tofu is really good! This sweet and sour tofu is definitely a must try at Hap Chan. I was actually done but when I saw this, i just grabbed my fork and took a piece and it was heaven. Its just so good...

 Anne took this photo. Me, Gil and Ms. Janis enjoying our dinner, Well for me, im still waiting for it to arrive.. =/ I just love ending the stressful day with a hearty meal. We actually deserve it coz we'ved been working so hard for the Oscars event that literally we live at the Ensogo office already! This is to end the super long stressfull week and welcome the long vacation for Holy week. Even though work is really stressful, stress cancels out when you have fun and crazy team mates with you. Exhaustion weakens when laughter floods all over and  most specially when great food is being served. 

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