Friday, April 6, 2012

Hunger Games

It was unintentional to watch the movie actually. Abby and I didnt planned watching it until my friends jam and wie invited us to join them. It was kinda early going home so we decided to go for it and watch the movie. I heard a lot of good reviews about hunger games and i wanna know whats the fuzz about it. They said it was really good and yes they are right. The story is really nice but kinda brutal. Set design was really awesome.Kudos to the writer of this great novel - Suzanne Collins. Genius plus great imagination.  The story, is set in the future. Theres this big modern city called the capitol and it has 12 districts around it. The capitol choses a girl and a boy in each of the 12 districts via lottery to fight to the death in live television. Its kinda brutal in a sense since even kids under 18 are sent to the bloody fight. Katniss,one of the main character of the movie, volunteers to replace her sister to spare her life. Good thing Katniss has a great ability in shooting the bow and arrow. Along with her determination, the odds went to her favour.. Great movie. Definitely a must watch! 

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