Monday, May 16, 2011

The Calaguas Experience!

Silhouette of Abby at Calaguas Beach. This was actually a test shot and i am surprised that it went good. Love the colorful hues at the background. One of the best places to enjoy the sunset.

According to my research, they call this the " Long Beach ". By the name itself, i think its very long stretch of white sand beach that Calaguas has to offer. This photograph was taken at high noon. The best time to shoot the area since the waters are blue and the clouds are amazing!

Travel really made our stay at Calaguas memorable. Everything was organized. The bus ride, the food, the tents that we used. They got it all covered. All you have to do is enjoy the stay. That exactly is what we did.

After our stay at Calaguas, we went to Bagasbas Beach, somewhere in Leyte to go surfing. I didnt tried it though and i wish I did coz it looks really fun. maybe next time. I just took out my 70-300 and took photos of our co-travelers. This photo is one of my favorites.

Night came and its time for socials. The troops gathered around the beach and introduced themselves. When it was my turn, when i said where i was working and what i do, some of them got frantic and surprised... there was this deal of ours that has a lot of complaints (zest air) that even in my vacation., we are still haunted with disappointed customers. The team is working things with Zest Air and I hope all of their concerns will be cleared.

Calaguas is astonigshingly breath-taking! Powdery white sand, crystal blue waters and bright sunny weather embraced us upon setting our foot on the warm sands of the Island. Many thanks to Travel Factor for giving us the Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience!


  1. After saying that Calaguas is astonishingly breathtaking, how come you only have two pictures posted of it? I know its very beautiful, but what a shame, you could have posted a lot more photos to justify your statement.

  2. i had so much fun... tinamad na ako kumuha ng pictures...gusto ko lang mag relax at magswimming.. but i tell is really..really...really beautiful...

  3. i'l be coming back to calaguas this april..promise.. i'l take more pictures...and make a short video :)


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