Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wing Hub @ Metrowalk

Have you ever been to Metrowalk? If you do, then your in for a treat coz Metrowalk has something good to offer - the newly opened Winghub Restaurant. Situated almost at the middle of Metrowalk. If you happen to watch concerts at Metrowalk, you will find Winghub at the right side of the stage.

Im going to make a wild guess that they got their name from the wings of an airplane since they serve one of the best chicken wings in town. Their place is really cool. It has this 1940's Air Force feel. I just love that plane hanging over. The tables are really simple. Those plasma tvs hanging on the wall are awesome. Perfect for watching something along with a bucket of chicken wings and beer. Love the interior's color combination. Thumbs up!

If the interior is great, wait till you taste its food! I tell you., its really good. The first picture is their trio burgers. One burger is made with lamb, the other one is made with pure beef and the other one is made with chicken. Its good to try something different that really tastes great! While the picture on top is their fish and chips. Its crunchy, really tasty, perfect for that white cheese dip at the middle.

Now this clam chowder is an absolute heaven. Its creamy, tasty chowder placed in a bread bowl. Its like the ones in French Baker only better. The clams are really delicious along with the mushrooms. I tell you, this one is a must! Dont forget to order the clam chowder and im 100 percent sure you will love it!

Now this one is their signatured Buffalo wings.For some people it kinda tastes different because of its sour taste. Its good actually. Its also has this sweet and spicy flavor that will surely catch your attention. :)

I didnt had a chance to taste this one because i am so full! So full i cant hardly button my pants! Just had the chance to photograph this crunchy looking chicken. I love the lighting on this photo. Many thanks to Ms. Janis and Cara for helping me out with the reflector and speedlight.

I also want to thank chef Humphry and chef Manuj for giving us their time introducing their wonderful dishes to us. Its an honor to be with such great master chefs. Winghub is a really nice place. The food is fantastic, the place is nice and clean. The spaces between tables are not cramped. The place is relaxing, interesting and very cozy. Your visit here is surely worth while. Visit Winghub at Metrowalk for your delightful, airforce-like experience. Watch out for their deal at coming real soon!

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