Friday, July 15, 2011

Berjaya Hotel

Berjaya is a Malay word for success. To be at this place is already a success since this place is really amazing. Berjaya Hotel's buffet is so far the best place of all the food photoshoots i ever been to. The place is cozy. Its not that cramped. The place is very clean. And the food is really amazing. We arrived early before lunch making it a good time to take photos of the place. I have to shoot quickly before the guests arrives. Using the Tokina wide angle lens, i have captured the whole place with a breeze. You can see here the intricately designed chairs and tables.

Nobody is around yet, this is the best time to shoot the buffet table because the food is still intact and untouched. Food is still fresh, the goodness and the lovely smell is everywhere. Sometimes its hard for me to shoot hungry coz my brain is telling me to go grab a plate! Hehe. I love their stainless food bins. Looks really nice, clean and shiny.

When I saw this dish, it automatically grabbed my attention. Looks really good! Berjaya's manager - sir melo asked us to go dig in once were done shooting . This is the first dish that I took from the Buffet Table. I admit that im a terrible food blogger since everything i write here is always delicious! Haha. But It is really delicious!

Went to the roast pork section of the buffet and theres a chef stationed there to give you a slice. I asked for 3 slices and was so excited that I almost forgot to get some sauce for it! While he was doing the slicing, i framed the busy chef and took his photo. This guy can cut that meat really thin! Love this shot.

The roast pork is so delicious. Its so soft., the meat is really tender and the sauce is to die for! I asked for 3 slices and I want some more! If only my tummy can handle more, i could have devoured the whole thing! Its just so good. My favorite!

I was puzzled when i saw these goodies on the table. The chef told us to pick the ingredients for our pasta. I just said "oooh!" I pointed my fingers to the pesto sauce, mushrooms, bacon and the flat noodles. The chef cooked the sauce right in front of me and man oh man it smells really good!

He placed the noodles on a separate plate and poured the sauce on top of it. He generously drizzled it up with parmesan cheese, wiped the olive oil smudges which is totally not necessary and then served. Pasta magnifico!

Berjaya serves Unlimited Margaritas for only 298. Its a real treat since some restaurants offer this at around 300 to 350 pesos. Their Margaritas are really good. Its smooth. Tasty. It has this kick and you wont even know where it came from. I was surprised with this shot since the reflections of the bottles gave amazing bokeh circles. Also, the way light hits the glass gave my cocktail shots such beauty!

My Berjaya experience is really one of a kind. Its the best place to relax and unwind.Im thinking of buying their deal for ensogo for their buffet and for their unlimited margaritas. Buffet deal is priced at 500 pesos while the unlimited margaritas are at 288. In less than 800 pesos, you already had decent meal and unlimited margaritas! Sulit diba?!

Many thanks to Sir Melo and to the staff of Berjaya for their warm hospitality. This goes to all ther the staff and the bartenders., you guys are amazing. They all wear their lovely smiles almost the whole day. Berjaya - its a place where success happens once you stepped in. I highly recommend. Id like to thank sir Melo who is very kind to us. Thank you sir!

Till my next photoshoot! Good times!

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