Monday, July 18, 2011

Bistro Miyake

If you happen to drop by Greenhills, you definitely should drop by Bistro Miyake at Annapolis Street. Its one of those premier restaurants that you will find around the area. I was again lucky enough to take photos of some of their food and drinks. The photo above is probably the best salmon i ever tasted. Dip this to your mixture of Wasabi and Soy Sauce, this dish is a surefire treat! Love this one so much.

These shots are literally on fire! Packed with the legendary bacardi 151, these drinks will sure kick the hell out of you! You wanna get slammed and wasted., drink 5 of these and im sure you'll end up sleeping in someones bed, or worse - a pavement.

this is actually Abby's favorite creations - Asparagus wrapped in bacon. I love it when abs cooks this one. They serve this one crunchy and the bacon is really good. You'll never be disappointed when you have this one coz its really delicious. Its a must try!

This drink is called "The Flaming Lamborghini". This drink is composed of different shots then arranged the glasses in this manner. Then poured with Bacardi 151 for the flames. Took this one with a minimum amount of light but i did not use the flash coz i really want to display the almost like blue and yellow flames of this awesome drink...

They serve a wide array of drinks to choose from. They have funny names as well. The green one's name is "Lasalista" ,. the blue one is atenista and the third one., i dunno the exact name of the third drink. Tasted them all and damn! This is really good!

I met an interesting guy named Tyke. Hes a jolly fellow. Very down to earth and funny. He arrived late and started the shooting a little bit as expected. The blue one is really strong.

Id like to thank Tyke, Abby, their chef... to all those people who are responsible is lucky to drink the golden pour of liquid. More power to the people who made us experience to tourists. Thanks a lot!!!

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