Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Luxe Cakes by Goldilocks

J.R., one of my hardworking officemates approached me and asked me if i can take pictures of his upcoming deal from Goldilocks. There was a smile on my face coz Goldilocks for me is goodness! Luxe cakes are special cakes made by Goldilocks and they'r running a promo at Ensogo in this coming christmas season. 

showcasing their delicious cakes like this caramel dressed cake with nuts on top. This is one of my favorite cakes from the group! I love the artistry.. the lines...i love those shadows it made.. Looks really good. I bet it taste good as it looks!  

they also have this cake with rich chocolate all over and cherries on top! I tasted this one and its really good! The chocolate is absolutely delicious.  

They also have one with marshmallow puffs on top and God I love mallows! Too bad i didnt tasted this one. I bet it tastes good. 

 This one is just pure chocolate madness.! I really enjoyed shooting these cakes. Its not normal to shoot a lot of cakes in one seating and i was blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you Goldilocks for the delicious cakes! Its really something. Many thanks also to JR. Man, you have one great deal here. Hope you sell a lot of them! Many thanks also to my manager Ms.  Mara for helping me with the christmas props. Cant wait to buy this deal! :)

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