Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nautica Watches

Nautica Watches now at Ensogo
The first time I saw these watches, I fell in love. I so want it but then again, its quite expensive. It wont fit my budget. I just have to let it pass this time. Ensogo has this deal with these good looking watches. You can see the deal here .  This is my first time to do light painting on products. Saw the idea from Laya Gerlock's flickr page.  That guy is really awesome when it comes to photography ideas. Visit his page, you might learn something from him. I attended his advanced photography classes by the way and its really nice. Back with the watch, look how the "seconds" hand panned.. Lovin that effect. Awesome.

I think the yellow strap is cooler
I really like this watch.. specially this yellow one. A million sighs... anyways. Maybe some other time. Im gonna buy one of those probably not now...maybe in the next few months....

thats me with anne helping me out
Here are the other models.. Looks good huh?! Check out Ensogo's deal on these fabulous watches!

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