Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Visit to Zoobic

Its been a while since i went to the zoo and i was fortunate enough to be invited by Abby and her friends to go with them at Subic. At first i was very doubtful of the weather because the forecast says its gonna rain all through out the afternoon. It rained yes but heavens enlightened us a window of sunshine to make our zoo adventure trip worthwhile. We went to Zoobic Safari at Subic Bay.

Subic Safari is home to a lot of Tigers. Its actually the biggest Tiger Safari here in the Philippines. Its my first time to see a white tiger. I only see them in National Geographic and probably Simba the white lion. In this picture, the ranger is feeding the tiger with dressed chicken. Letting the visitors see the huge tiger devour that meat. According to the tour guide, Tigers here eat 7-15 lbs of meat everyday. No wonder why these cats are huge!

Owls really fascinates me. Its eyes are so eerie that sometimes by looking at them really fascinates me. This is probably my first photo of an owl up close. There are wide species of birds out there. From small colorful love birds, to noisy parrots and huge funny looking ostrich.

I happen to notice that there are a lot of doves and pigeons at the safari as well. I caught this bird in flight. Love this picture once i saw it on my view finder.

Now this shot is one of my favorites as well. I caught this ostrich looking straight at me. I dunno what is he curious about. Hes just there lookin at me. I grabbed my camera and took a photo of him. Funny looking dude.

So there you go. Those are my favorite shots from Zoobic Safari. If you want to view more pictures, please visit my multiply site at http://maaccc.multiply.com

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