Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mediaworld Photoshoot

Its my first shoot at Images by MediaWorld Creatives Inc. Along with Marco Quimson and Angge Barcelona, we took amazing photos of these young professionals who will soon become International Flight Attendants. Its been an honor for me to take their photos.

Angge gave tips to the models how to pose while Marco took care of the strobing effects. I took the liberty of taking the shots. This will be my 3rd studio shoot (First 2 was in UP from my photography workshop). and at still got Nervous at first. But as i went shooting., everything came natural.

I just realized that I need to buy more memory cards. I used up my 4Gig SD card from the shoot since i used RAW + fine on my shots. Good thing Marco and Angge have extra memory cards for me to use. I have some great photos from their memory cards that I would love to include in this blog. Unfortunately, i dont have it. I'l just add those photos in the future.

I had a great time today even though my knees are a little stressed out. This job is really is my thing! When im shooting, i dont really think its work because im really having fun. Is this a sign that I should continue doing this? Is it time to do this full time?

I would like to thank Images by Mediaworld Co. for the opportunity to shoot at their studio. Thanks to Marco Quimson for the strobes and the lights and for the space ! And to Angge Barcelona for her creative imagination on the poses and the lighting techniques.

For your photo services, contact Images by Mediaworld Creatives Co.

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