Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gloria Maris Wilson

Pardon me for this really late post. One of my previous food adventures is at this really popular restaurant where people usually go if they'r craving for some serious delicious food. If you happen to drop by around Wilson street in San Juan, you might consider dropping by at Gloria Maris. Food there is absolutely delicious (specially there dimsum)! For sure many of you would agree! One of their best dishes there that I tried is this fried bacon roll. This is sooo good. It's actually deep-fried shrimps wrapped in bacon!

they also have this delicious fish fillet in special soy sauce... the fish is just delicious and the crunchiness of the dish is just perfect. I love this. For all those fish lovers out there., this one is for you.. 

This dish called the Broccoli with Crab Meat in fried milk... sounds very unusual and i bet it is coz this is the first time that I tried it and its so damn good...  Crab meat is just perfect! Balanced with the soft and delicious broccoli. This dish is the bomb...man i love it.  

You also got to try this dish called The Richman's Fried Rice. By the looks of it, It's that kind of fried rice that its meticulously prepared! The fragrance is absolutely good and  man.. this ain't your usual rice bro. A must try at Gloria Maris. 

They'r spare ribs is also delicious!!!! as in!! I actually had a plate of these delicious, succulent, soft, very tasty spare ribs that I almost forgot my name eating it.. It's really good. (im actually craving for it right now.) Order ka pa extra rice! 

Now for dessert, i always love their taho. Usually when you order taho in the streets, the vendor prepares it for you.  But this time, you are the ones who'l  prepare it! It comes with the usual delicious white soy, the arnibal and the sago! It's really delicious! 

My gloria maris exprience was one of the best because the people there are so hospitable. They were very nice to me and they were very accommodating. I want to thank sir Em and his staff. You guys are very helpful. I highly recommend this place if you want delicious, comfort food...if you want dimsum like hakaw, siomai..shark's fin.. they have it all there and its one of the best in town. 

Visit Gloria Maris at Wilson St. Cor. Abad Santos in San Juan. Visit their facebook page at GMarisWilson . For Inquiries, Reservation & Catering: 724-5011 to 12 For Delivery: 572-7111 / 572-7222 / 87878

Thank you once again! Great adventures, good food... whats next? 
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