Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maru Korean Restaurant

Would you buy this under 500 pesos? I will! 

they use coconut shells for grilling coz their ashes dont fly around

tender strips of beef..ready to be grilled

cooking your own food makes you hungry

grill it till golden brown

frozen soju and korean ice cream for dessert!

very modern yet traditional interior design 

pieces of very nice artwork displayed 

photo from the 2nd floor. 

To tell you the truth, i have been really addicted eating korean food. I just love it so much. Its healthy..its more like a guilt free food for me. Imagine, a lean slice of beef then grilled using only its natural oils then served with fresh vegetables. Its simple, healthy and its heaven! Maru Korean restaurant is one of those restaurants that serve really delicious korean food. The best thing is, its only a couple of steps away from where i live. It is by far, one one of my favorite restaurants i dined in. It has a great interior design. The staff are really nice and hospitable. Its really clean and tidy. The area is safe and not that crowdy. Its a great place to bring your date..maybe you two want to enjoy cooking your own food while dining.. its such an experience. They serve the best Bulgogi and also try their Galbi Jum! Try also ordering a bottle of Soju and mix it with their watermelon juice. Its really good!  My experience here was amazing..i wanna go back here someday.. For more info and reservations you can always give them a call at (+632)403-9140 or at (+632)385-2792. You can also visit their facebook page at

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