Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back in Paradise, Calaguas 2013

If theres one place in the Philippines that I'd go back from time to time, this is the spot. "This" is the beach! Nothing beats Calaguas beach in Camarines Norte. Nothing! The beach is simply amazing. Crystal blue waters. Sugar like sands.. Its paradise. This is my 2nd time here and im still in awe. So far, its one of my favorite destinations here in our country.

Here, there is no electricity, your phone wont work here, no signal...no computers.. no internet!!! Its like you're unplugged from reality.  i dont mind the long travel..12 hours to be exact. 10 hours inside the van., eventually you'l suffer from minor butt cramps... then., another 2 hour boat ride.. a long... rough boat ride going to the island.Its rough depending on the winds... sometimes its wild and tumbly yet sometimes its nice and smooth. No matter what it may be, just enjoy the waves...

jo doing yoga on high noon...
I really want to thank Jocy for inviting me to this trip. It was a pretty normal day at work, I was inside the studio and she asked me if I wanna go to Calaguas.. Since its the long weekend..and I got no plans at all.. i just said.. Sure.. lets go! I always wanted to hit the beach coz i miss it so much.... Im addicted to burying my feet into the sands and im craving for that feeling for quite some time now. I never thought twice.. i just said yes.. then I went home, packed and left. 

i am now a fan of iPhone 4S's camera
powdery white!
Nothing but powdery white sand all over.. i just love it. I wanna also give thanks to Jo for entrusting me with her phone coz i dont have a camera with me. Yes. I left my camera at the studio and I kinda felt bad coz i really want to take photos that time. She lend me her iPhone and told  me to snap away!  This is the first one that came to me.. took a photo of  how fine and white the sands of Calaguas.. Its amazing. I just hope they dont commercialize the beach so much to the point its like Boracay already. People are starting to bring generators in the island. They'r messin up the harmony, the peace and quiet of the beach...that natural high of the sounds of the waves, sound of crickets...that clasping sounds of twigs burning in the bonfire..those are the things that should be... not disco lights, rave music and worst, endless crap of Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake.  

From right, that is Jed, who basically owns this blog called BiyaherongBarat.com and he organizes group trips in some of the best places in the country. He's also one of the founders of Biyaheng Lokal who does the same thing. Im happy to be a part of this trip coz these guys are just amazing. Trip is full of laughs., great food.. bonding.. Its an escape actually. Its what i need at the moment. Next to Jed is Camille who happens to be one of the coolest girl ever. Her tattoos are awesome! She is a great writer with some of the best magazines in the metro. She loves San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Red Horse beer and Jack Johnson which definitely raised her "astig" meter to the next level. Like jocy she loves doin yoga under scorching heat... Next to her is Jocy., who happens to be "one" with the beach.. you can actually see it in her tan..w/c looks nice by the way...    

With us, a group of friends from Cebu and they are celebrating a birthday party at the beach! They even have full props...balloons, plackards, customized headbands, a red ribbon chocolate cake and i guess those faces are some of their friends who  can't make it to Calaguas... Looking at them is just amazing coz their bonding is rock solid! They sing together, they crack jokes together and laugh all at the same time. They lay on the sand looking at constellations, waiting for UFO's and counting shooting stars together.. Its friendship at its finest.  I took the liberty of taking a photo of em' while doing their thing. I have this inert feeling that i need to capture that moment. I snatched, borrowed Jed's camera and took this picture... 

this is what beach bummin' looks like
I really had a great time. Every cent that i paid for this trip is all worth it. Imagine you're at the beach.. having grilled fish... and some ice cold beer.. then theres another shot of Emperador orbiting around... and theres some of that Good stuff happenin.. all of these we did it with the sounds of the waves at the background under moonlit skies....as the crows patrol the area. Its close to perfection. Sobrang swabe lang. Thats me bago masunog.

grabbed the photo from Jed's Facebook. Group shot! I look like crap.
I also met this kid who talks  like a thirty year old... his name is Kio.. He's just amazing.. his imagination.. his crazy pick-up lines... i must admit, without his presence, the trip would be a little dull... This kid has a bright future ahead of him. I just hope he would use his smarts and wits into doing something good.. not bullying gradeschoolers and harassing chicks of his age.. haha..even chicks older than his age!  He's just so good at those! hehe. My favorite lines from Kio are : "Kuya Jed!!! Pinupulikat na ba yung puso mo? " (Is your heart suffering from cramps?)..  "Nganga!" , "Sige bye~ ", "Grade 4 ako, dapat mo akong galangin.."  Hahahaha.. I'd never said anything like that when I was in grade 4... This kid is really something! 

Watch out for more trips from  Biyaherong Barat and Biyahe Lokal. You dont have to think about anything.. You just have to relax and njoy the ride..Its affordabe.. you have good company, and its a lot of fun! and... They cook the best tinolang manok!

Photos from :
Jocy's iPhone. (Thanks Jo!)
Jed Rosell (group shot) - www.biyaherongbarat.com  

P.S. : Bring a lot of Sunscreen coz sunburn is hell! 

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